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An Orchestra Takes 20 Tons and a Carnet

August 22, 2011

One U.S. ATA Carnet and 175 pieces of cargo weighing almost twenty tons are accompanying the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) on its first European tour under Riccardo Muti's musical direction. It was touring that solidified the relationship between Muti and the CSO.

Sometimes a Carnet Opens a Door into Something Bigger - The Goodwin Project

August 9, 2011

There are times when we serve a carnet customer and find that their project is so unique and interesting that it deserves comment. So it is with The Goodwin Project, an Avocados and Coconuts production.

Carnets and Cabo

July 29, 2011

Temporary Exports to MexicoSince Mexico began accepting carnets on May 16th, CIB has received many inquiries about using a carnet in Cabo San Lucas.

Giant, Kinetic, Flaming Duck Flies to Moscow on Carnet

July 18, 2011

Duck flambé? Artist Bart Dorsa shipped a spectacular flaming kinetic duck sculpture to Russia recently and he used an ATA Carnet by Boomerang FreightSM Solutions to clear Russian customs. The duck had made its debut at Burning Man and then Dorsa decided to take it to Moscow to make a quacky political statement there.

75 Years of Sending U.S. Products Abroad

July 11, 2011

CIB is celebrating 3 generations and 75 years of sending American products, sports and art overseas. You can help us celebrate by voting for our contest entry in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's American Dream Photo Contest. Thanks!

Value of Exported Goods Using The Merchandise Passport Explodes to $2.85 Billion

July 6, 2011

During the first 6 months of 2011 goods valued at a record $2.85 billion were exported on the Merchandise Passport by Chicago-area small business, boomerang carnets®. Since companies use the Merchandise Passport to save money promoting sales overseas, increased use of the Merchandise Passport (a.k.a. ATA Carnet) predicts a future increase in exports. Read more...

New Advisory on Mexico Transit Operations

July 6, 2011

The Carnet Specialists have posted a new Advisory to clarify Mexican customs' limitations on transit operations.

Top 3 Questions for Carnet Users to Mexico

June 27, 2011

Carnet applicants travelling to Mexico under carnet will be asked three questions by a Carnet Specialists when they apply. Asking these questions and understanding the scope of the visit help ensure that carnet users to Mexico have a smooth and trouble-free trip to this new carnet destination:

Orchestra Conference Raffle Winner Annnounced

June 9, 2011

Congratulations to Amy Wagliardo, Director of Operations, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, for winning the Tiffany's raffle prize in Minneapolis this year. Amy's business card was pulled from the collection bowl on the final day of the exhibition at the League of American Orchestras annual conference. Enjoy the crystal paperweight as a momento of the experience in Minneapolis 2011.

Carnets "Play the World" Scholarships Awarded to Orchestras

May 26, 2011

The annual League of American Orchestras Conference is upon us and CIB is ready.  After a successful launch of our Carnets “Play the World” scholarships last year, CIB issued a press release well in advance of this year’s conference and immediately received phone calls and emails asking about the application process.

The recipients of this year’s scholarships are Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, The Knights, Philadelphia Sinfonia, Toledo Symphony Orchestra, New Jersey Youth Symphony and, Greenville County Youth Orchestras.

Kudos to 2011 E-Award Recipients

May 17, 2011

Kudos to the 27 firms receiving the President's 2011 Export Award, E-Award, for their contribution to U.S. exports. Special congratuations to the two carnet users on the list, Codonics and Rauland-Borg, for their significant impact on U.S. exports. We have reprinted the entire list in our News section.

Mexico Carnets Advisory Added

May 11, 2011

We have posted a new Advisory regarding carnets to Mexico and the details that are now available from Mexican customs and CANACO.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Update

April 8, 2011

Bosnia and Herzegovina will accept carnets as of April 18th, 2011 and will accept carnets for all three conventions: Commercial Samples, Professional Equipment and Fairs and Exhibitions. Bosnia and Herzevogina is the 7th country on the Balkan Peninsula to join the ATA Carnet system. Other Balkan carnet members are: Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. Of all the countries on the Balkan Peninsula, only Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia (eff.

News, Sports, TV and Media - The Royal Wedding

April 6, 2011

News, Sports, TV and Media - The Royal Wedding - A new Carnet Category has been added to the CIB website to address the needs of the media in covering news and events worldwide. It features The Royal Wedding happening on April 29th in London which is likely to break all records for publicity of a wedding because of the cross-platform coverage utilizing news resources, partnerships and media platforms. MSNBC plans for a Primetime Special and an iPad app in addition to the traditional TV coverage of the event. Even The Weather Channel is planning special coverage.

Mexico Joins ATA Carnet System...Finally

April 5, 2011

At long last Mexico will begin to accept and issue carnets as of Monday, May 16th, 2011. This announcement has been many years in coming and there were false starts along the way. As with most things surrounding the efforts to encourage Mexico to join the ATA Carnet system there will be a minor complication. Mexican customs will require carnets entering Mexico to be entered into a registration system to advise them of the carnet shipment. More details will follow on this blog as we get them.