Get Temporary Imports into Brazil for World Cup
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Get Temporary Imports into Brazil for World Cup

Monday, June 2, 2014

Boomerang carnets®' partner Steve O'Connell, President, SOS Global advises there is still time to get temporary imports into Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Plan for a minimum 5-6 days, door-to-door, shipping time however some goods (depending on the Importer of Record) can be done faster. Note that textiles will still require import licenses to be applied for prior to dispatch.

Rio de Janeiro (GIG) is still the best port of entry as they are attuned to the last-minute needs of the World Cup. Several other ports suffer from slowdowns due to volume and antipathy to the World Cup due to money spent and wasted. Hand-carries are possible for low-value, small-volume shipments. For more details or a quote contact Curt Wilson at boomerang carnets®: 800.ATA.2900.

As mentioned in earlier posts, ATA Carnets are not implemented in Brazil at this time. We expect that process to be completed in time for the Olympics in Brazil in 2016.