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Filmmakers: ATA Carnets Unplugged

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Would it be stating the obvious to say, "Read the instructions"? Perhaps, but, sometimes it is the obvious that is most helpful. Veteran DP Andrew David Watson has such helpful comments in his article, CARNETS, CBP 4455 & TRAVELING WITH PRODUCTION GEAR: “If you are unfamiliar with Carnets, take some time to read the instructions. The pages are color coded, but still extremely confusing.”

One thing that makes them confusing is the terminology: vouchers, counterfoils, certificates, validation and General List for example. To get an understanding of the terminology and learn how to use a carnet there is a bite-sized resource in our Making Carnets Easy videos. These 3-5 minute explanatory videos illustrate the instructions (fine print) written inside the carnet jacket.

And Andrew, thanks for illuminating the world of carnets and CF4455s!