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Exportise - March 2015 - China, Israel, Saudi Updates plus New Website

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china publishes new rules for carnets & hand-carried items

Hand-carried items clearing customs in China and using a carnet now must pre-register. More.

New rules for diamonds to israel using carnets

Israel has published changes to the customs clearance requirements for diamonds using a carnet. More.

new website launched

Boomerang carnetsĀ® has launched a new website with improved navigation and updated design. See it.
Brendan Peterson

saudi carnet announcement premature

Announcements of Saudia Arabia implementing the ATA Carnet system have not been confirmed. More.
Brendan Peterson

featured service: returned carnets available online

Carnets returned to boomerang carnetsĀ® are scanned and available to view within the carnet holder's account. More.
Mar 4, 2015