Returned Carnets Now Available Online
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Returned Carnets Now Available Online

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's now easy to access and view Returned (Used) Carnets from within your boomerang carnets® account. Once you have logged in to your account:
  • The returned carnet documents can be accessed from the Application Recap screen, by clicking on the “View” link. The Application Recap screen can be accessed through the “Reports” menu under the “Issued Carnets” page, or through the “Issued Carnets” grid on the Dashboard or Home Page.
  • The files are in PDF format so it will require Acrobat Reader to properly open and view the documents (this program is free and can be downloaded at
  • The documents can be downloaded, saved and re-printed for future reference.
  • These files are fairly large in size so they may take a couple minutes to load (experience varies depending on the document size and internet connection speed).
  • If the scanned document is not available, the “View” link will not display on the page.
  • Freight Forwarders are able to access these documents as long as their account is associated with the Carnet.
Questions and further information can be addressed to the boomerang carnets® Carnet HelpLine®: 800.ATA.2900 or by emailing us.