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ATA Carnet Working Group Formed

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

While the ICC, through its World ATA Carnet (WATAC), group wrestles with this unwieldy recipe to digitize the ATA Carnet, U.S. efforts to move the paper document into the 21st century are in full swing.

An ATA Carnet Working Group has been formed amongst the ATA Carnet Service Providers (SPs) including boomerang carnets and the U.S. National Guaranteeing Association, the United States Council for International Business. The ATA Carnet Working Group is a sub-committee of the Customs and Border Protection's (CBP's) Trade Support Network (TSN) which is a forum for the discussion of significant modernization and automation efforts with the trade community.

Boomerang carnets has been able to process carnet applications electronically for decades and most recently has started delivering the paper carnet document to key customers and suppliers electronically via remote printing. What remains is:

  1. integration of carnet data into CBP's ACE portal to Customs has visibility into ATA Carnet data, and
  2. an internationally-developed system to present, activate, validate and track ATA Carnets electronically to Customs around the world.

The previously-mentioned Working Group is addressing data entry and transmission into ACE. WATAC, which has U.S. representation, has already implemented a worldwide electronic system to collect ATA Carnet data, country-by-country.

If you or your company is an ATA Carnet user and would like to provide feedback regarding the inclusion of ATA Carnet in ACE please contact Leslie August at 847.852.3103.