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Carnet Document

What is in the carnet document?

The carnet form consists of these parts:

  • Front green cover - holder/user & country information. The front of the green cover includes the Holder (Owner of the goods) Information and lists all the ATA Carnet countries. It must not be altered or amended in any way.
  • Back green cover - carnet General List of merchandise & equipment. This list cannot be amended but it is possible to travel with partial shipments.
    Carnet Back Green Cover - General List
  • Yellow, white & blue certificate sets - counterfoils & vouchers. Counterfoils are the control documents of the holder and remain with the carnet. Vouchers are the control document of customs and are removed by customs.
    • Yellow certificate sets (counterfoils only in the U.S.) are the U.S. Registration of Goods that will return to the U.S.  There are no yellow vouchers in a U.S. carnet. A yellow certificate set includes an exportation counterfoil and a re-importation counterfoil.
    • White certificate sets (includes counterfoils and vouchers) are used by foreign customs. A white certificate set includes a white importation counterfoil, a white importation voucher, white re-exportation counterfoil and a white re-exportation voucher.
    • Blue certificate sets (includes counterfoils and vouchers) are used by foreign customs to track goods that are within their borders but have not cleared customs. These goods are in transit. A blue certificate set includes two blue transit counterfoils and two blue transit vouchers.
      Yellow carnet exportation counterfoilWhite carnet importation counterfoilBack white carnet importation counterfoilWhite carnet importation voucherWhite carnet reexportation voucherBlue transit counterfoilBlue transit continuation sheet

Note that the U.S.-issued carnet is delivered with a protective orange, yellow and blue jacket.



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