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Curt E. H. Wilson, Co-Chair/CEO

Mr. Wilson directs and oversees all boomerang carnets® day-to-day operations. He is a hands-on leader that takes ultimate responsibility for quality and customer service. His expertise includes carnet bond underwriting, logistics, carnet claims management, client relationship management, cargo insurance and new product development. As a co-founder of boomerang carnets®, Mr. Wilson directed the transition of boomerang carnets® from a claims handling company to a major U.S. carnet issuing office. Under his management, the surety operations of boomerang carnets® have grown from zero in 1988 to US $275,000,000 of bond penalty amount in 2011.

Mr. Wilson has traveled extensively domestically and internationally representing U.S. carnet interests and evangelizing about the many benefits of the ATA Carnet document. He is passionate about the many advantages of the ATA carnet as well as supporting boomerang carnets® diverse customer base, from symphony orchestras to automobile manufacturers. He regularly attends International Chamber of Commerce meetings and meetings of the United States Council for International Business customs committee in addition to representing boomerang carnets® at numerous trade shows annually.

On a typical Saturday afternoon you might find Mr. Wilson driving boomerang carnets® Carnet mobile to CBP at O’Hare Airport to meet a customer. Or taking a call on his cell phone from a traveling carnet user overseas who needs additional certificates.