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Winners, New Scholarship, Baseball, Tour Photos

Post-Conference Report
Raffle, Baseball, Scholarships and Touring

And The Raffle Winners Are...Ann Huntoon, Central Wisconsin Symphony OrchestraAnn Huntoon, Executive Director, Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra:
Tiffany leather luggage tag.

Carla Jones-Batka, National Symphony Orchestra Women's Committee
    Carla Jones-Batka, National Symphony Orchestra Women’s Committee:
Tiffany leather iPhone case.

Congratulations to Ann and Carla!

Baseball Fans Attended a Game Courtesy of CIBJeff Woodruff, Executive Director, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra and Amy Heald, Education Director, Reno Philharmonic Association were the first responders to our baseball ticket giveaway. We hope you enjoyed the game!

Scholarships For Mid-Winter Managers' MeetingRoll of cashMid-Winter Managers Meeting attendees will now be eligible for the Carnets "Play the World" scholarships. We will be announcing application deadlines shortly. Details of scholarship eligibility are available on our website. Photos of Conference scholarship recipients.

Touring Orchestras "Pinned"

Pinterest badge International Orchestra Tours are featured in our newest Pinterest board. Email us a link if you have a tour photo to add. Let's build a gallery together that honors international orchestra touring.



Aug 12, 2013