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Introducing Boomerang Carnets® to the Opera Community

Dear Opera Community,

Its occurred to me that you may have no idea who Boomerang Carnets® is! I'm Moira Wilson and I met many of you at last year's conference in Houston, our exhibit table was at the far end of the Hall. I saw "Brief Encounter" (really enjoyed it), and returned to my office determined to support opera as we have the symphonies.

We're a family owned business specializing in ATA Carnets and surety bonds. Our headquarters are in Barrington, Illinois and we have sixteen on staff doing the work of sixty. Sound familiar?

Many years ago we began working with the League of American Orchestras. Our Chairman dreamed of making international touring easier and more economical. I'm sure he came up with the idea while he was listening to a favorite symphony. We've had a wonderful and very successful partnership with the League and believe the same can be achieved with Opera America and it's Members.

We're looking forward to Los Angeles to reconnect with you, meet more of you, and continue our conversation.


Moira Wilson

The ATA Carnet Specialists.You'll come back.

Feb 12, 2011