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Exportise - April 2011 - Import Duties & Taxes for Int'l Trade Shows: How to Avoid Hidden Costs

How to Avoid Hidden Costs in Foreign Trade shows

Import Duties and Taxes for International Trade Shows:
How to Avoid These Hidden
CostsExhibiting at foreign trade shows can be costly. Recently the Trade Show Exhibitors Association published an article advising companies how to avoid some of the hidden costs of customs clearance for these shows and featuring the ATA Carnet export document. If your company has an upcoming foreign trade show this article may save you tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon the value of the export shipment. The cost and hassle of customs clearance can be greatly reduced for items for defense, medical, aviation, energy and electronics by following a few simple guidelines.

Here is the pulished article: "Import duties and taxes on trade show exhibits are a sizeable cost of exhibiting abroad. In the absence of an effective temporary import strategy to avoid these expenses, exhibitors will pay more than necessary to exhibit overseas...Read More..." 




Apr 23, 2011