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And Mid-Winter Managers' Meeting Winners Were...


See The Photos, Meet The Winners, Conference Scholarship Anyone?
It was our sincere pleasure to attend and sponsor the Mid-Winter Manager's Meeting Reception in New York City this year. (See the photos.)

This year's drawing included our signature Tiffany gift and three cozy blanket-throws embroidered with an antique insurance sign from our corporate collection.

The lucky winners were:
  • Rhonda Hunsinger, Executive Director, South Carolina Philharmonic - Tiffany silver pen
  • Daniel Sene, Executive Director, Paducah Symphony Orchestra - Embroidered blanket
  • John C. McNeur, Executive Director, The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York - Embroidered blanket
  • Stephanie Koppeis, Violinist, Performer and Instructor - Embroidered blanket

For those of you early birds, the 2013 Carnets "Play the World" Scholarship program application has been posted and it's not too early to apply.

Curt Wilson, President
Jackie Dalgleish, Team Manager
Feb 15, 2013