Thanks For Helping Us Recycle
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Thanks For Helping Us Recycle

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank you to our customers who have selected the "reusable" option when they apply for a carnet. We collected and stored these lightly-used supplies for months. We hoped that carnet users would volunteer to re-use them. And they did.

Opting In To Reusing Carnet Supplies

We offer customers the option of a recycled carnet jacket, fastener and instruction page when they order their carnet. By selecting a check box on their application*, applicants can opt-in to receiving a carnet with a lightly-used jacket, reused fastener and recycled instruction page.

Since the recipient of the carnet is often not the person who orders the carnet, we worried that recipients of the recycled carnet supplies would think they were getting a document that was damaged. So we apply a small sticker on the recycled jacket to let the recipient know that their colleague or agent had requested the re-used product. Problem solved.

Thanks for helping out in this small way. 

More You Can Do To Help

Another way to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint is to pick up your carnet at one of our local offices instead of having it delivered by overnight courier which uses jet fuel. If local pick-up is an option for you, we can arrange to have your carnet printed in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles or San Francisco.


* Here's how the check box appears on the carnet application.