Indonesia Ready to Ratify Carnet Convention
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Indonesia Ready to Ratify Carnet Convention

Friday, August 9, 2013

Preparation for implementation of the ATA Carnet system in Indonesia in early 2014 is underway according to the International Chamber of Commerce. Indonesia intends to ratify the Convention on the temporary admission of goods (Istanbul Convention) at the World Trade Ministerial Conference in Bali in December. The United States is one of Indonesia's major trading partners thus Indonesia's admission to the carnet system of 87 countries is of interest to U.S. exporters looking to expand in the region.
Indonesia was identified by business people from existing ATA Carnet countries as one of 10 priority countries where they would like to be able to use carnets. In response, Indonesian authorities invited the Director of ICC Asia, Ms. Lee Ju Song, to conduct a 2-day workshop on the technical aspects of operating the ATA Carnet system in Indonesia. The two-day workshop and meetings took place in early July and prepared Indonesian government and customs authorities for implementation of the system should they ratify in the near future.
The addition of Indonesia to the ATA Carnet system would significantly impact temporary admission of goods in the region particularly for its major trading partners. Indonesian trading partners in the region already accepting carnets are: Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea and India.