Carnet Film Commission Directory Launched
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Carnet Film Commission Directory Launched

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seventy-one international film commissions can boast something the other 125 can't: they accept ATA Carnets. The Tenerife Film Commission has understood the benefit of using a carnet for shooting films there for several years and recommend it to their clients. And take the example of Film Commission Chile. They include being a carnet country as one of the twelve reasons to shoot in Chile. So when we saw Film Commission Chile promote itself with carnets, the CIB International Film Commission Project was born. The idea is that if a U.S. producer has a choice between shooting in a carnet country or a non-carnet country, everything else being equal, why not shoot in the carnet country? Customs clearance will be easier and those costs will be lower.

We are just developing more helpful relationships with the many international film commissions in ATA Carnet countries. Many dialogues have begun as the Directory grows and we look for ways to support these organizations.

Next up: A free featured listing in the Directory for film commissions that post a back link to our carnet website. In the meantime, if you have a question about carnets or just want to learn more, consider checking out the ATA Carnet User & Discussion Group on LinkedIn.