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Israel Requires Additional Information in Box B


Beginning April 1, 2011, Israeli customs authority require the name of the final user of the goods, if different from the Holder, be listed in Box B (represented by) section of the Carnet.  Israeli Customs is not satisfied to have only the name of the forwarder/courier listed. The US Council for International Business interprets the term “final user” to be the consignee in Israel to whom the goods are delivered.  To ensure goods get cleared under the ATA Carnet, we advise Holders to be in compliance with the new requirement. Boomerang carnets® specialist will work with and advise Carnet Applicants and Holders on the accurate completion of Box B where they have questions.

If you experience any problems or have questions about this change please contact the boomerang carnets®  Carnet HelpLine® at (800) ATA-2900 / (800) 282-2900 or e-mail us.

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