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Türkiye - Updated Customs Requirements on Carnets

Updated with new country name August  29, 2022

Boomerang carnets® has been informed of the following requirements from Turkish Customs to ensure ATA Carnets presented will be in compliance:

1)  Carnet Entry Requirements

     a.  Holders must provide the General List in an excel file stored in a USB memory key to TR
          customs at the time of entry, applicable to hand-carry and cargo shipments.
     b.  For PE items, Turkish customs strictly requires the representative(s) to hold a foreign
     c.  Turkish customs may restrict entry to 6 months. Holder must obtain approval from customs
          to extend to the Carnet expiry.

2)  Authorized Representative

     a.  If temporary importation of a Carnet is handled by a representative, the said representative
          MUST sign box “F” of the importation and re-exportation vouchers.
     b.  The name of the Holder’s representative in Türkiye MUST be clearly indicated in Box “B” of 
          the Carnet, which include the green cover, importation and re-exportation vouchers.
     c.  The representative shown in Box “B” MUST obtain a Power of Attorney
          approved by the Turkish Consulate to confirm the validity of the proxy.

3)  Temporary admission with Partial Relief from duties and taxes

     a.  For goods under Carnets that are subject to “Partial Relief”, Turkish customs will charge the
          importer/Carnet Holder 3% of the total duties monthly. For further details, the
          importer/Carnet Holder may consult an “authorized Customs broker” in Türkiye.
     b.  For details regarding “Partial Relief”, please refer to Annex E of Istanbul Convention.

4)  Penalties in violation of the use of Carnet | Late Re-exportation of Carnets

     a.  Late re-exportation within 1 month from the "Final Date of Re-Export" – A fine of
          TL 170 (approximately US$60) will be imposed.
     b.  Late re-exportation between 1 - 2 months from the "Final Date of Re-Export" – A fine of 
          TL 340 (approximately US$120) will be imposed.
     c.  Late re-exportation exceeding 2 months from the "Final Date of Re-Export" – A fine twice 
          the amount of applicable taxes and duties will be charged.

Please contact a Carnet Specialist at the Carnet HelpLine®, (800) ATA-2900 / (800) 282-2900 or email us, for additional information if you are planning to use a Carnet for travel to Türkiye.