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Spotlight: Adam McLaughlin, Great Britain’s Top World Boomerang Champ

Monday, January 16, 2023

The World Boomerang Championships 2022 were held in Bourdeaux, France from August 15th through the 25th gathering the best throwers in the world for 11 days of intense boomerang competitions. Present were twelve teams representing twelve countries that included France, Great Britain, U.S.A., Australia, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Spain, India, Switzerland, Germany, and Colombia.

The schedule consisted of team competitions, individual competitions, and long-distance competitions that took place on the grounds of Parc De Moulerens Gradignan.  

Representing Great Britain, Adam McLaughlin, a longstanding seasoned competitor, took the winner’s podium at the 2022 World Boomerang Championships placing in the top three throwers of his age class in the world.  His overall Individual ranking in the World Competitions was 19 in the top 25 out of all 74 boomerang competitors. This is outstanding and we congratulate him with this impressive win.

Adam McLaughlin is to be commended for his achievements in the sport of boomerang throwing.  According to Adam, he was always a good thrower as a boy but had his first encounter with a boomerang when he was 12.  He was introduced by his cousin who brought over a boomerang, and he took it and completely taught himself to throw it.  In his words, “no, books, no Internet, no one to tell me what to do.”  Over the course of a few weeks, he worked out the kinks and has not stopped since.  Self-taught, self-motivated, he worked himself up to be world class in the sport he loves competing in. 

Adam McLaughlin is also a world class boomerang maker.  He loves the technical skill of creating them. Since 2005, he has completed many, many hundreds of boomerangs.  His love of the sport has much to do with the incredible great fun it is.  According to McLaughlin, boomerang throwing is “A great sport, great fun, it gives you good exercise, it gets you out in the fresh air, it’s absolutely great!

Congratulations to Adam McLaughlin on the impressive overall INDIVIDUAL top-ranking win in the 2022 World Boomerang Competition!