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Shanghai Pudong Airport Map Now Available

Friday, June 14, 2019

ATA Carnets just added the Shanghai Pudong Airport to its long list of carnet-customized airport maps. The maps help a carnet user navigate through an airport to locate a customs official and get a carnet validated for arrival and departure.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the third busiest cargo traffic airport in the world. It’s one of two international airports in Shanghai and a major hub of China.

The Pudong Airport primarily serves international flights. The Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is the primary server of domestic and regional flights.

Other helpful features of the maps include:

Customs information not readily available online

  • arrows pointing to the location of the customs office,
  • a written description of SPECIFICALLY how to find customs,
  • customs hours of operation,
  • customs phone number.

Useful Terms & Translation

  • a language aid to help locate customs,
  • the airport abbreviation, and
  • the official name of the customs authorities in that country.

Other Helpful Contact Information

  • general airport information, and
  • phone numbers and web address for boomerang carnets® Carnet HelpLines®.

Carnets must be validated upon airport arrival and departure. That’s why you must always know the location of the customs office. ATA Carnets provides an extensive list of airport maps available on our website

Please give us a call (800) 282-2900 should you have any carnet questions or concerns.