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International Trade Roundtable: What’s Next?

Monday, August 31, 2020

Boomerang carnets® appreciates attendees of any of our four-part webinar series, Leading Through Crisis.  In this final part, we invited industry experts throughout the U.S. for an international trade roundtable discussion about the current climate because of COVID-19.  Looking back four months ago, when this series began, it is apparent that things certainly are in a different place now.  For better or worse, the industry adjusted and adapted in ways never imagined.  Attitudes changed, people came together to solve problems, and new ways of operating appeared. 

Monika Jadeszko - VP Global Carnet Operations and Andy Shiles - COO, boomerang carnets, along with Rachel Pisani - Pisani Marketing Strategist, all stood at the helm for the entire webinar series and provided informative guidance, resources, and survival tools.  Participants expressed their thanks across the board.  Special thanks, however, were consistently received by those who took advantage of a free 30-minute business consultation offered. The consultation formulates a “tailor-made” plan unique to their business.

The roundtable discussion covered new trade agreements, statistical interpretations of up-to-the-minute trade data, and how going “back to basics,” could be useful in moving ahead.  If you are interested, please refer to previous blog posts covering these topics in more detail.  If you have not seen this webinar, or any of the other parts in this series, they are available to view.  Details below.

In a round-robin at the end of the discussion, the panelists were asked how they envisioned the industry coming out of the sudden COVID-19 pause.  They provided some inspiring takeaways.  

Ken Roberts, Trade Statistics and Data Analyst: “Find out where the opportunities are.  Prepare and take advantage of them. Read a lot.  Pay attention.  Look at your life.  What kind of decisions are you making to change your own life and what does that mean for exports?  It’s a question of seeing things half empty or half full, and this is the time for the half full people to take charge.” 

Darie Achstein-Conway, Trade and Compliances Expert: “Flexibility is key.  Go back to basics and reach out and speak to people you haven’t spoken to in years—network.”

Jeremy Page, Trade Lawyer: “You have to be nimble.  Opportunity appears when you don’t expect it.   Companies have to be retooled.  You have to look at how you can fit in.  You have to forecast different scenarios, so you are ready to jump on them when the right time comes.  Those who think about the different paths for themselves will be best positioned to figure out what is going to happen next.”

Curt E.H. Wilson - President and CEO of boomerang carnets®, cited a favorite quote: “We are continually faced with opportunities brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.”

Boomerang carnets® is here to help.  If you are interested in expanding your business internationally with economy and ease the ATA Carnet could be the tool you are looking for.  The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for the temporary import/export of goods.  Its many benefits have assisted companies expand into new global markets and its flexibility can easily accommodate these changeable times.  Please share this information with whomever you think may benefit.  We want all our colleagues and customers to survive and thrive. 

You can view any of our webinar recordings, Leading Through Crisis Part 1, 2, 3, or 4 by contacting Monika Jadeszko.  We value our customers and recognize the challenges of the day. 

Soon, we will be starting a series of podcasts devoted to lively dialogues on the industry now.  Watch for it.