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Carnet Floodgates Open to Rio 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

Brazil Carnets Photo

**UPDATE** As of August 15th, 2016, twelve (12) organizations have received carnets to Brazil.

Four adventurous, global companies took off for Rio 2016 within weeks after Brazil announced it was open for business for ATA Carnets.

Just in time for the Summer Olympics publishers, manufacturers and a media organization each grabbed an ATA Carnet and dashed to do business at the most renowned sporting competition in the world. The fact that the required bond was (temporarily) set at 100%* and that they would be among the first to present an ATA Carnet to the newly-trained Brazilian customs officers was not enough to deter these trailblazers from using the widely-accepted temporary import document in the newest country to join the ATA Carnet system.

We are proud to support and issue ATA Carnets for:

  • A leading East Coast company in communications satellite constellations. 
  • An American sports media franchise.
  • One of the world's most influential publishing companies.
  • A global authority in the optics and imaging industry.

As expected, there was, and still is, pent up demand for carnets to Rio 2016. Now with the help of a carnet, iconic photos from this summer's Olympic will be captured with the latest professional photography gear, and with the help of the most advanced satellite technology but without the usual expense and hassle of Brazilian customs clearance.

*The United States Council for International Business requires that all U.S. ATA Carnets be financially secured.  ATA Carnets can be secured with either a carnet bond or certified check in an amount equal to 40% of the value of the General List.  (Note:  India require 55% bond and Brazil require 60% bond.  Road vehicles exported by a company require 100% security and exported by an individual require 150%.)



The security (Bond) is held by CIB until such time as the carnet is returned and there are no outstanding liabilities pending against the carnet.