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Boomerang Carnets® Go with a President, Presidential Hopeful, and a GOP Horse - Customer Spotlights

Monday, August 16, 2021

A Democrat, Independent, and Republican differ on a lot of topics but one thing they do have in common is use of an ATA Carnet.  Boomerang carnets® is honored to serve all our customers, but we thought we’d share a few stories of customers you may have heard of who came to us for their ATA Carnet. 

Boomerang carnets always reminds businesses, organizations, and individuals of the power of ATA Carnets as a flexible trade tool that saves time clearing Customs and money on duty and tax.  The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for temporarily exported merchandise or goods.  It allows cross border movement of those goods import-duty and -tax free into 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year.  The ATA Carnet is known as the Merchandise Passport for boomerang freight® and ideal for professional equipment moving in and out of countries, often used by network media and event planners, as well as live animal cargo. 

CNN and President Obama in Portugal via Air Force One

CNN covers the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and must regularly pick up at moment’s notice and travel across international borders with crews, equipment, and gear to gain coverage. As President Obama lands on Air Force One in Portugal, so does an ATA Carnet utilized by CNN. 

Without an ATA Carnet, the average rate of Portuguese duties is 4.2% and the value added taxes amount to 23%.  Overall, CNN’s estimated cost savings total 27% of the value of the equipment temporarily imported. CNN photojournalists Abdallah and Dougherty would not have captured the 20-hour whirlwind of “Lisbon in fast forward”, without the ATA Carnet.  Their coverage of the President’s trip most certainly would not have made it on the CNN website or Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room” after the NATO Summit in 2010.

Air Force One’s travels, and most importantly its occupant, was made far easier, safer, and affordable. For this large-scale event, or any small-mid size venture, the ATA Carnet is the best option for overseas travelers with goods, merchandise, or equipment to ship. Photographers, journalists, news crews and networks will save money and avoid the stress of long hours clearing Customs.  

Independent Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders balances his budget with ATA Carnets

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is known to discuss health care and the U.S.’s neighbors to the north from time-to-time.  During his 2020 campaign for the presidency, he had such an affinity with Canada that he wanted to hold campaign rallies there and plan an event highlighting the cost disparity between American and Canadian insulin prices.  To make this happen, the Bernie campaign came to boomerang carnets® for advice, wanting to save as much money as possible from their largely grassroots-raised funds. 

The combined total value of the equipment for the senator’s two trips to Canada was over $20K.  These events, for the elder American statesman, as well as the humanitarian effort to ease access to health care for all, would have cost the campaign the Goods and Services Tax, value added tax and other duties on the “professional equipment” needed for the events.  Though Senator Sanders may not have realized it, his campaign’s use of boomerang carnets service highlights the tremendous potential of affordable international trade tools. Boomerang feels the Bern!

A Republican’s Horse on an ATA Carnet

Mitt Romney’s wife Ann used a boomerang carnet to send her favorite horse to Europe in 2019.  Live cargo is used for sport and exhibition, and we have issued carnets for sled dogs, circus elephants, and horses.

Boomerang has presences in the U.S. and U.K.  Known as the Boomerang Benefit, this unique advantage gives customers access to the ATA Carnet efficiently when companies have locations in both countries as well.  Grow your company—use a boomerang carnet.  We’ve got you covered! 

Boomerang carnets will strive to accommodate your ATA Carnet needs.  Boomerang Carnet Specialists are available to answer questions and assist you 24/7, just call the Carnet HelpLine® 1-800-ATA-2900 |1-800-282-2900 or email us.

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