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35 Years of Appreciation for ATA Carnet Customers

Friday, November 11, 2022

For All of You, Boomerang Gives Thanks

With our 35 years of experience in the ATA Carnet business, it isn’t often that our team of Carnet Specialists get thrown off by a situation.  In the words of Curt E.H. Wilson, President, and CEO of boomerang carnets, “We have seen it all.”  Through the years, we have assisted Ringling Bros Circus, a longstanding customer, regarding a newly born elephant calf not listed on the Carnet because it was born while on a world tour, or issuing a Carnet for a dog sled team of 84 Siberian Huskies headed to the French Alps for a prestigious mushing competition, or a customer who was concerned what to do with her remaining Carnet that got partially eaten by a shark.

This year marks our 35th anniversary, the result of hard work from dedicated employees and leadership and the belief our customers have in us.     

DEBRA, a customer for over 20 years from her 5-star Trustpilot review, “I have worked with this group for just about 20 years now and would not think twice about recommending them highly to anyone interested. I have appreciated how they keep up with technology to ensure their site has all the most current information available and easy to locate - plus the application process is as quick and easy as possible. I have also truly appreciated how Curt and his team have had no problem jumping in and assisting / advising me when needed, they held my hand a few times. Truly an incredible group of people to work with and forge a long-standing working partnership with!”

BRAD WATSON, customer, strategic partner, and friend for over 30 years. “When Curt first called on us in the early 90’s, we were relatively new to the forwarding business.  About all we knew about carnets was, they were a big hassle to get generated.  Then one day we get a call from this guy in Chicago telling us he was coming to Arkansas to come see a client, and he wanted to come see us.  So, he comes down and then proceeds to tell us that all he did was carnets, and that he could turn them around to us in 24 hours.  We were, of course, skeptical, because for one, how do you make a go of a business that just does carnets?  And two, it was taking weeks to get carnets processed through other providers, so how was he going to do that?  I mean, this was in the days of the fax machine!   Somehow Boomerang delivered...  At that time, we really did not know how important that service would end up being to our company.  Looking back, it was one of the keys to our ability to grow and succeed in the international exhibition and events business and has also helped open doors into other niche markets that we would not have been able to touch without them.  So, thank you Curt and the Boomerang team for partnering with us all these years.  We would never be where we are without you!”

It's our pleasure and we are grateful for all our customers, colleagues, and friends and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.