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Tax Free Shipping to Art Auctions

Using a Carnet for Foreign Art Auctions Can Avoid Duty and Import Tax

The ATA Carnet export document allows for duty, tax and hassle-free shipping of fine, rare and high-value art and antiques into 87 foreign countries and territories. While many countries allow these items to enter duty-free there can be import taxes, such as VAT or GST, that can be avoided using the ATA Carnet export document for art.

-See the simple, 4-Step application process.

-View the Application Checklist.

-Contact a Carnet Specialist.

Our Carnet Specialists are knowledgeable.

Fine Art - Horse and Foal PaintingOur expertise in temporary exports includes such high value goods as rare musical instruments, jewelry and watches, royal cultural treasures, yachts, fine art and classic autos; in addition to antiques, rare coins, stamps and collectibles.

When your international art shipments for auction extends for up to 12 months, an ATA Carnet can save you time and money. Valid for 12 months, the ATA Carnet allows you the flexibility to attend or exhibit at many shows, in many locales, during that period.