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Steps to Complete Mexico Registration

As of January 2nd, 2014, U.S. carnet users will register carnets to Mexico at a different website than previously instructed: CANACO website for carnet registration.

The steps to complete the registration have not changed:

  • Upon receipt of the carnet, the User (a.k.a Holder) should go to the CANACO carnet registration web page and complete the online form.
  • After entering data into all the required fields, press Enviar/Send and you will receive this message: Los datos se enviaron satisfactoriamente / Successful Sending.
  • Await approval from CANACO within 2-3 days. If you do not receive a timely reply please contact our office: 800.282.2900.

Required information for online registration:

  1. Type of ATA Carnet (original, duplicate, replacement)
  2. ATA Carnet number
  3. Substitute/replacement ATA Carnet number (if applicable)
  4. Name of the guaranteeing organization (USCIB for U.S. carnets)
  5. Holder’s name as per Box A of the green cover
  6. Authorized Representative’s details per Box B of the green cover
  7. Date of Issue/Date of Expiration of the Carnet (YR/MO/DAY)
  8. Intended use of the goods (as indicated in Box C of the Carnet)
  9. General description of the goods
  10. Total number of goods/items per column 3 of the General List
  11. Total value of the goods per column 5 of the General List
  12. Means of transportation (sea, air, rail or road)
  13. Purpose of visit to Mexico
  14. Name and email of clearing agent in Mexico (this is a new requirement)
  15. Your email address to communicate approval and other relevant information


Contact a Carnet Specialist at boomerang carnets® Carnet Helpline® : 800.282.2900.