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Selling Goods Off A Carnet

In order to properly sell goods off an ATA Carnet, a company needs to contact the local, foreign customs office to determine the most appropriate procedure and documentation for that carnet country. If the proper procedures for that country are not followed it could result in a claim and unnecessary additional costs.

Some countries such as U.K. and Australia tightly control the sale of goods accompanied by carnets.  Generally, local customs will request that the goods and ATA Carnets be brought to the local office prior to carnet expiration so that the carnet may be properly discharged and duties, taxes, and penalties (if assessed) paid.

Companies are advised to obtain an itemized customs receipt noting the items sold, amount paid, and ATA Carnet number.   The original ATA Carnet and a copy of the customs receipt need to be sent to boomerang carnetsĀ®.  It is important to retain a clear copy of the carnet and customs receipts, including all pages of the carnet, whether used or not, for your records.

For additional information please contact a Carnet Specialist:

Boomerang carnetsĀ®, Carnet HelpLineĀ® (800)ATA-2900 / (800)282-2900.