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See The Savings

This chart illustrates the savings using an ATA Carnet to clear customs with a $21,540 medical device in the U.K. The VAT rate is 20% and the estimated duty rate is 3%. Cost savings are approximately $4,450 for a single use of the ATA Carnet to the U.K.

If the carnet were to be used multiple times, the savings increase accordingly.

Temporary Export of a Medical Device to the U.K. - 20% VAT Rate - 3% Duty Rate

Rates effective February 1, 2022.

Costs @ $21,540 Value

ATA Carnet  Duties & Taxes
 Processing Fee $300 0
 Carnet Bond* $100 0
 Miscellaneous $100 0
 Import Duty/VAT 0 $4950
Estimated Total $500 $4950
Savings  $4450



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