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Replacements for Expiring Carnets

  • Replacement or renewal carnets are used to extend the 12 month time limit of a carnet.
  • Replacement carnets, sometimes referred to as a carnet extension, are not available for all countries and, in all cases, are not guaranteed to be available.
  • An application must be submitted PRIOR to the expiration of the carnet in use. Applications received less than 21 days prior to expiration will incur a non-refundable RUSH fee.
  • Approval is at the discretion of the foreign national guaranteeing organization however boomerang carnets┬« facilitates and administers the Replacement carnet process.
  • In the event an application is denied, a $125.00 application fee and any RUSH fees still apply.
  • Replacement carnets can be applied for online by logging into the account and clicking on Carnet Requests.

Prior to submitting an application, contact a Customer Service and Sales Representative to find out what is required for the country in question.

Replacement, Carnet Processing and Bond Fees

The fees for the replacement carnet will include all of the fees for the original carnet: processing, bond and any ancillary fees, plus approximately $490.00 plus RUSH fees, if any..

Replacement Service Fee
Replacement Application Fee $275.00*
Replacement Activation Fee $175.00
Replacement List Fee $20.00
RUSH <21 days to expiration, non-refundable $250.00
RUSH <14 days to expiration, non-refundable $500.00
RUSH <7 days to expiration, non-refundable $750.00
RUSH <3 days to expiration, non-refundable $1,000.00

*In the event an application is denied, an application fee of $125 still applies.

General List Value Basic Processing Fee
$1 - 9,999 $255
$10,000 - 49,999 $300
$50,000 - 149,999 $365
$150,000 - 399,999 $425
$400,000 - 999,999 $480
$1,000,000 + $545
Counterfoil / Certificate Sets Fee
Up to 4 sets of certificates included $25 per additional set
Continuation Sheet  Fee
The first General List page is included $12 per additional page
Refundable Claim Deposit Fee
If Applicable $250

Bond fees

To estimate the bond premium multiply the value of the merchandise by 40%. Multiply that result by $10.00 per thousand. Here is an example using a $100,000 General List value:

$100,000 x .40 = $40,000,
40 (thousands) x $10 = $400 premium

Note there is a $100 minimum premium and the bond requirement for road vehicles is 100-150% of the value of the vehicle(s). The bond requirement for India is 55%.