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Other Industries Served

ATA Carnets can be used for virtually all goods from any industry  

Ordinary goods such as computers, cameras and video equipment, industrial machinery, automobiles and gems and jewelry are all acceptable merchandise.  While carnets cannot be used for consumable items like wine and food, they can be used for food processing or restaurant equipment.

For example, Van Gogh's self -portrait, DIY gizmos and gadgets, Ringling Brother's Tigers, Cessna Jets, Paul McCartney's Band, World Cup-Class yachts, satellites, marine research equipment, seismic testing equipment and the New York Philharmonic's instruments are also acceptable.

See an ATA Carnet in use. Play the carnet video titled "CNN: Lisbon, Portugal with President Obama". 
See a carnet in use on Pep's ATA Carnet Adventure Blog.

Carnets do not cover:

Consumable goods (food and agricultural products), disposable items (explosives or fireworks), or postal traffic.