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Getting Samples into Mexico if Not on a Carnet

This is an overview of the regulations for getting samples into Mexico if your merchandise or commodity is not allowable on an ATA Carnet. These are only guidelines, and is always advisable to consult with a freight forwarder, customs broker, or other logistics professional with the details of your shipment. These Mexican regulations for samples do not apply if the sample is eligible to be temporarily imported into Mexico using an ATA Carnet.

  • Mexican Customs Regulations for Samples are mentioned in the "Ley del Inpuesto General de Importacion Y Exportacion" Article 2, Fraccion Il Reglas Complementaria 9a inciso d.
  • Also in the Mexican Customs Law's choose 3 General Rulings of International Trade (Reglas de Caracter General en Materia de Comercio Exterior, Regla 3.1.27)
  • An article will be considered a sample if due to its quantity, weight, volume or any other condition that indicates without any doubt that it can only be used for demonstration.

Samples must comply with the following requirements:

  • The unit value cannot exceed one US dollar or equivalent.
  • Samples have to be marked, broken, perforated or treated in a way that can disqualify them as a commercially viable product.
  • Merchandise cannot be considered a sample if the products are of difficult classification, or they are hard to be identified because of their presentation, that is powder, liquid or pharmaceutical shapes such as pills, tablets, capsules, etc. or if they require chemical or physical analysis in order to know their composition, nature, origin or any other characteristics to determine a classification.
  • In the case of samples or sample sets of toys, the unit value can be up to US $50 or equivalent and they can be imported in a quantity up to 2 pieces of the same model as long as they comply with fractions II and III of the present rules.
  • Samples and sample sets of the present rule must be classified in And Ask H T S 9801. 00. 01 mentioning in the entry document the code applicable for Appendix 8 Annex 22 of the MX customs regulations and cannot be the object of a commercial transaction.