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Clearing Customs at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

The Sochi 2014 Customs & Freight Forwarding Guide describes several methods of importing to the Olympic and Paralympic games for both temporary and permanent purposes:

  1. ATA Carnet Temporary Import Document
    1. worldwide import-export document
    2. applicable to all goods and equipment including sports equipment except disposables and consumables
    3. used to enter foreign countries and re-enter U.S. duty & import tax-free
    4. can be used for transiting between countries and within countries (except Belarus see "f" below).
    5. provides flexibility for transiting and logistics that other methods may lack
    6. cannot be used as a transit document IF goods cross the border in Belarus en route to Russia
    7. for authorized ATA Carnet Russian customs offices see Appendix 1, pages 59-61 in the guide
  2. "Sochi 2014 Customs Procedure"
    1. simplified, customs procedure for clearance for the Sochi Olympics and Paralympics only
    2. Olympic and Paralympic Families members are eligible
    3. not applicable for Prohibited & Restricted Goods or exisable items
    4. applicable to gifts and giveaway goods valued less than 500 EUR per unit, consumable, disposable items and goods to be donated to appointed organizations.
    5. some permissive documents (e.g. certificates, licenses) are waived
    6. goods cannot be used for income-generating services
    7. there are documentation requirements
    8. goods previously imported to Russia under ATA Carnet may be changed to the Sochi 2014 Customs Procedure
  3. Russian Temporary Admissions (TA) Customs Procedure
    1. temporary import bond into Russia
    2. food, beverages, raw materials, semi-finished goods, goods for sale, consumables and disposables are not allowed
  4. Release for Domestic Consumption (RDC)
    1. commercial goods for sale or permanent stay in Russia
    2. gifts and giveaways valued more than 500 EUR per unit
    3. excisable goods such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products allowed
    4. consumable and disposable goods allowed
    5. customs duties range from 0%-20% of the value of the goods
    6. import VAT rate is 18% of the value of the goods
    7. importers also pay customs processing fees
  5. Low-Value Express Deliveries
    1. streamlined customs clearance
    2. for permanent, commercial & giveaway shipments valued less than 200 EUR
    3. low-value shipments to be cleared en masse
    4. customs regulations in Sochi Guide apply
  6. Passenger Clearance - Green and Red Entry Channels
    1. recommended for athletes, team officials, coaches & judges as individuals
    2. personal belongings (with limitations) including personal sports equipment and disposable sports equipment can pass "undeclared" through the green channel
    3. see page 40 of the guide for a list of goods to declare in customs at the red entry channel
    4. see page 42 of the guide for rules regarding biathlon rifles and ammunition thereto
    5. however goods hand-carried by individuals on behalf of a Games-related organization should be cleared in the name of the organization

Comparison of Import Methods for the Olympics

Method User Term Re-Export Required? Import Duties &Taxes? Penalties
1) ATA Carnet US & other carnet country orgs
6-12 mos Yes waived Up to 40% of value of goods
2) Customs Procedure Olympic Family Members only,
solely for Olympics
as declared
up to 12/31/2016
Yes waived Up to 200% of value of goods
3) Russia TA Any importing org
up to 2 yrs Yes waived or by installment
not in Sochi Guide
4) RDC Any importing org
N/A No payable  
5) Low-Value Express Any importing org N/A No waived not in Sochi Guide
6) Passenger Clearance Individuals N/A No waived with limitations not in Sochi Guide
As ATA Carnet Specialists, boomerang carnets┬« prepares documentation for goods, equipment and gear clearing Russian Customs for the 2014 Olympics. If you are not using the official Sochi Olympics freight forwarder, refer your forwarder to the official Customs & Freight Guide.
In addition to issuing an accurate, compliant export/import document, these services are part of our customer service at no additional cost:
  • Information on valuation especially of customized or custom-built equipment,
  • Consultation on proper description of items to be shipped or hand-carried,
  • Coordination of ATA Carnet document delivery with scheduled travel itinerary,
  • Seamless integration with the team freight forwarder or logistics provider,
  • Detailed instructions on presentation of the ATA Carnet to U.S. and foreign customs, and
  • 24/7 toll-free telephone customer service - 0.800.4CARNETS (international toll-free calls are AT&T).

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