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Carnets "Play the World" Grant Recipients

Grant Information and Application


Denver Young Artist Orchestra,
Kelly Waltrip, Executive Director  - Grant Value Recipient: $395
Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra,
Lindsey Nova, Executive Director - Grant Value Recipient: $650
Youth Symphony of Kansas City,
Steven Murray, Executive Director - Grant Value Recipient: $650
Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras,
Meredith Shaner, Development Officer - Grant Value Recipient: $495 + $250 award for carnet use in 2017.


Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras,
Joseph Bernstein, Director of Operations - Grant Value Recipient: $650
Empire State Youth Orchestra,
Rebecca Calos, Executive Director - Grant Value Recipient: $650
Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra,
Linda Edelstein, Executive Director - Grant Value Recipient $650 + $250 award for carnet use in 2015.
The Orchestra of Southern Utah,
Emily Hepworth, Manager - Grant Value Recipient - $650


Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Caroline Curatolo, Production Manager and Board Liaison


Vermont Youth Orchestra, Rosina Cannizzaro, Executive Director
Florida Youth Symphony Orchestra, Heidi Evans Waldron, Executive Director
Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, Troy Peters, Music Director
Oakland East Bay Symphony Orchestra, Steven Payne, Executive Director


Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Joshua Simonds, Executive Director
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Ian Harwood, Assistant to the VP of Operations/Special Projects Coordinator
Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, Inc., Bridget Fraser, Executive Director


Florida Orchestra, Angela Cassette, Operations Director
Pittsburgh Symphony Inc., Sonja Winkler, Director of Operations and Touring
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Rachel Fine, Executive Director


Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Alice Sauro, Director of Operations
Greenville County Youth Orchestra, Holly Caprell, Executive Director
Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Veronica Bashbush, Director of Strategic Operations
Toledo Symphony Orchestra, Ashley Mirakian, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Philadelphia Youth Sinfonia, Jon Hummel, Executive Director
New Jersey Youth Symphony, Bryan Rudderow, Operations Manager
The Knights, Vanessa Rose-Pridemore, Managing Director


Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Heather Stengle, Operations Manager
El Camino Youth Symphony, Cathy Spieth, Executive Director
Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Lisa Dixon, Executive Director
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Christine Burgener, Director of Operations
Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, Ahmad Mayes, Director of Operations