Recovering Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnets
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Recovering Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnets

Thursday, April 18, 2013

When a carnet document is lost, stolen or destroyed after it has been activated, it must be duplicated and shipped to where it is needed in order to be validated under the terms and conditions of use.

Carnet users have two options in order to duplicate and ship the new carnet under these circumstances. The first is more expensive and occurs when there is no warranty protection for the document. The second is what happens when the lost document warranty was purchased at the time the carnet was issued:

1) Without Warranty - Contact your carnet issuing office and request the carnet be reprinted and delivered to the relevant location. Carnet processing fees and delivery costs will be billed as with the original carnet. The bond does not have to be re-issued. If it is impossible to validate a lost, stolen or destroyed carnet, while customs may accept alternate proof of re-exportation, Regularization Fees may be levied. This means that, once documented proof is provided to the country of re-export, any potential claims are eliminated and a small fee is charged for this regularization service.


2) With Warranty - If your carnet issuing office provides lost, stolen or destroyed warranty coverage for the carnet document, request that the carnet be re-printed and delivered under the terms of the warranty. In general, the warranty will cover all costs associated with re-printing and delivering the carnet.

In the instance where goods listed on the carnet were re-exported from a carnet country but the missing carnet document is not able to be validated by that country, Regularization Fees may be incurred. A carnet user can use the warranty coverage available for this expense.

Carnet users need to assess the risk of financial loss and inconvenience if a carnet is lost, stolen or destroyed compared to the costs of purchasing the warranty at the time they apply for the carnet. Cost for the warranty ranges from $30 to $35 per carnet and the warranty limits range from $600-$750. The warranty may be used for multiple losses of a single carnet if necessary.

It's important to note that the Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Warranty does not protect the good traveling under a carnet. That is a different form of insurance for goods in transit and can be purchased separately.