No More Special Conditions for Carnets to U.A.E.
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No More Special Conditions for Carnets to U.A.E.

Monday, March 25, 2013

United Arab Emirates has lifted the special condition of pre-notification required since April 2011 on carnets into the U.A.E. This change is effective immediately.

Previously, the carnet national guaranteeing associations were required to pre-notify the Dubai Chamber of Commerce when a carnet was issued for the U.A.E. This is a requirement that new carnet countries sometimes add to the carnet application process to assist in the initial implementation and tracking of carnets. Once they are fully-functioning this requirement is usually lifted.

There are still 5 approved ports of entry for carnets into the U.A.E. Those ports and their hours of operation are listed on the updated United Arab Emirates Advisory. Additionally, U.A.E. only accepts carnets for trade fairs and exhibitions. They are not signatories to the commercial samples or professional equipment conventions.

For additional information on using a carnet for the U.A.E contact an ATA Carnet Specialist.