Discover 2012: And The Winner Is...
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Discover 2012: And The Winner Is...

Monday, October 15, 2012

The speculation is finally over and the winners of boomerang carnets® Discover 2012 drawing have been announced. The winners were selected at random from business cards collected at the Atlantic City event where boomerang carnets® was a sponsor.

The winners of Tiffany engraved pewter paper weights are:

Donna Averell
Corporate Marketing Manager


Dan Dixon
VP International Sales
VTRAC Automotive

Congratulations to Donna and Dan. We hope you enjoy your prizes.

Why Tiffany's?

Boomerang carnets® has been providing Tiffany products as raffle prizes at trade shows for the past several years. Tiffany is an iconic American brand, recognizable throughout the world and known for quality and artistry. Few can resist the eggshell-blue box, many aspire to their recognizable image. The Tiffany prizes are great conversation starters at our exhibit booths and hardly anyone can resist depositing their business card for a chance to win.