Carnet Film Commission Directory Grows
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Carnet Film Commission Directory Grows

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Following the afci Locations 2013 event in Los Angeles, there are 7 newly-linked film commissions on the International Film Commission Carnet Directory. Each newly-linked film commission represents a shoot location where using an ATA Carnet is helpful and economical since carnets eliminate payment of duties and taxes and make it easier to clear foreign customs. The new links are:
Cine Tirol Film Commission, Nunavut Film Development Corporation, Oresund Film Commission/Copenhagen, Saarland Film GmbH, Cape Film Commission, Zulu Coast Film Office and Oresund Film Commission - Southern Sweden.
The new number for the total of linked international film commissions is now 70.
Boomerang carnets® launched the directory 18 months ago to promote film commissions in ATA Carnet member countries. The ATA Carnet is one of a myriad of tax incentives offered by international film commissions to woo foreign productions. Some international film commissions in the directory also provide a link back to for the benefit of US productions. Those film commissions are noted with a star next to their link in the directory.
Carnet Ambassador, Peggy Rupp, met with the film commission exhibitors at the show and received copious amounts of multi-cultural hospitality. Check out Peggy's Facebook album honoring many exhibitors from carnet countries at the show.
While international film commissions were enticing producers to shoot at their locations, boomerang carnets®' opened a handy service for New York-based production companies. The newest same-day office for US carnets is in New York City - Midtown Manhattan. The new office targets the many crews that fly out of New York to foreign destinations to shoot.