Brazil at Risk of Missing Carnet Implementation Deadline
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Brazil at Risk of Missing Carnet Implementation Deadline

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Implementing Regulations, NGA Appointment Delayed

Qualifying “futbol” (soccer) teams from every region of the world, TV, radio and internet broadcasters and sponsors in the thousands planning to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will face unnecessary costs or delays at customs if the Brazilian government doesn’t quickly complete the required procedures to get ATA Carnet acceptance on track.

The implementation of the ATA Carnet system in Brazil, targeted for 2013, has encountered government delays. Our sources advise that blocking progress is the government in Brasilia’s failure to decide whether there will be a bidding process to select a National Guaranteeing Association (NGA). This is in spite of the fact that Brazilian customs authorities have set ATA Carnet implementation as a top priority. Also delaying progress is Brazilian customs inability to publish the implementing regulations. Those regulations, should have been and were expected to be, published in the 2nd half of 2012. As a result, the Brazilian goal of ATA Carnet implementation in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is at risk.

Former Director of U.S. Carnet Operations Foresees Problems at World Cup


Photo of Bruce A. Wilson, Chairman, Corporation for International BusinessBruce A. Wilson, former Director of ATA Carnet Operations at the United States Council for International Business, commented, “In my opinion, if Brazil wants to have the ATA Carnet fully implemented for the FIFA World Cup a National Guaranteeing Association should be selected soon. Implementation requires Brazil to become a Contracting Party to the ATA Convention in the first half of 2013. 

Brazil customs will require a full year to prepare for the thousands of athletes, TV, radio and internet broadcast equipment, exhibitors, sponsors, etc hoping to use the ATA carnet. Otherwise, there will be confusion, loss of revenue and, dissatisfaction of the participating ATA carnet countries. 

When Brazil last hosted the World Cup, which is the largest sporting event in the world, in 1950, the ATA carnet system did not exist. Neither did worldwide television and other electronic media. Now most qualifying country teams will be contracting parties and television and internet coverage will be everywhere. Brazil is in danger of national embarrassment if the ATA carnet system is in place but doesn’t work well.

Mr. Wilson’s deadline of June 2013 is fast approaching so both the Brazilian government and customs service will have to hustle to get back on track. Boomerang Carnets® Blog will keep you posted as the story unfolds. Implementing the carnet system in Brazil will benefit attendees of any international sporting events it hosts. More important, world traders, looking to expand into the Brazilian market and Brazilian exporters will benefit. They will gain access to the existing 87 member countries of the ATA Carnet system for temporary imports and exports.


Boomerang Freight® Facilitators Find ATA Carnet Alternatives for Brazil


Boomerang Carnets®' President, Curt Wilson, is disappointed that the window of opportunity to implement carnets in Brazil in time for the World Cup 2014 is quickly closing. Brazil is one of the top 5 countries that exporters want to join the carnet system and would provide a huge benefit to American companies starting to trade in Brazil. However, in partnership with US freight forwarder partners operating in Brazil, Wilson has a plan to assist organizations to clear customs smoothly and affordably with temporary imports. Wilson will work with any organization to help them navigate temporary entry into Brazil for the World Cup in 2014.