Boomerang Carnets Certified Made In USA
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Boomerang Carnets Certified Made In USA

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boomerang Carnets® is proud to announce that it has been licensed as a service whose labor force is entirely from within the U.S.A. It has received the Service in U.S.A. certification from the Made in U.S.A. CERTIFIED organization.

In accordance with The Buy American Act, Boomerang Carnets® has proven to a third-party auditor that all services provided by Boomerang Carnets are produced and delivered by Americans. Boomerang Carnets® services have been subjected to a complete supply chain audit, have qualified for the certification and been issued a unique number and logo.

By getting the Service in U.S.A. certification, Boomerang Carnets® gives U.S. companies a simple way to determine whether they are getting a carnet from a company that supports our U.S.A. workforce. Making this claim means that, if proven wrong, substantial fines could be assessed.

Boomerang Carnets® adds this certification to its history of an 100% American and Family-Owned business. May we continue supporting American workers for another three generations.