An Appreciative Carnet Customer
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An Appreciative Carnet Customer

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tim Llewelly, Photographer, Llewellyn CreativeOccasionally, in business, one experiences a, "Yes! It was all worth it." moment. Reading Tim Llewellyn's blog post titled, "The Best Place to Get a Carnet" was one of those moments. A photographer by trade, and part of Llewellyn Creative, Tim had an opportunity to use a carnet issued by our office for his business. In the process, our customer service impressed him and he took the time to thank us on his blog.

Here's a preview of his story:

"Every once in a while you come across customer service that is so remarkable that you just have to share the story...And I, for one, will never think of getting my carnets anywhere else in the future."

For the whole story, jump down the rabbit hole. And, from one family business to another, thanks Tim!