ATA Carnet Cheat Sheet for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
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ATA Carnet Cheat Sheet for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Monday, May 7, 2018

Shipped cargo or hand-carried goods going to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia are encouraged, by the organizers, to use ATA Carnets.

Here are the most important ATA Carnet excerpts from the Customs & Freight Forwarding Manual of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.  ATA Carnets are addressed in Section A9.1 of the manual.


  • Use of an ATA Carnet or other acceptable temporary import documentation will be required if the organization is not an FIFA-related entity/organization.


  • It can be a significant savings to use an ATA Carnet since import duties are between 0 and 17% and VAT is 18%.
  • Items imported under carnet not only avoid duty and tax but also customs fees for customs clearance.
  • Being listed on the FIFA customs list will allow additional benefits for carnet shipments especially relief from presentation of certain licenses.


  • Specific, complex or hi-tech equipment can trigger additional information requests by customs.
  • No special licenses are required for equipment high-frequency and radio-electronic equipment if under ATA Carnet
  • No documents proving conformity of products to mandatory technical requirements are required it the items are shipped under a carnet.
  • No consent for goods with trademarks or other IP rights if those goods are imported under carnet.


  • The Russian customs border point entered must be authorized to accept ATA Carnets.
  • If the customs border does not have authority to clear goods on carnet, use a blue transit certificate and clear the goods at an inland port.
  • Avoid using Belarus as a transit route into Russia as carnets are not accepted for that purpose via Belarus into Russia.
  • Use any authorized customs office to validate carnet upon re-exportation – it does not have to be the same as port of importation.
  • Temporary imports are encouraged to use the Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Customs offices.


  • Giveaways, consumables and disposables can be imported under the SPSE (Special Procedure for Sports Events) – Each unit not to exceed EUR500.
  • Good imported under SPSE can only be used for FIFA.
  • To utilize SPSE, the organization must be on the list of approved entities for this purpose.


  • Hand-carries without a broker require a letter of authorization, Power of Attorney or similar document issued in the name of an organization’s employee who declares the goods on behalf of organization.
  • Hand-carries under carnet should pass through red channel for items to declare.
  • Hand-carries must pass through customs at the last Russian airport of departure


  • Foreign broadcast vans are allowed on carnets – equipment specifications will be required.


  • Commercial documents and Field C of the ATA Carnet should indicate “FWC 2018.”
  • The Authorized Representative must have authorization letter or Power of Attorney. Include the exact, official name of organization using the carnet and declaring the items to Russian customs.


  • An optional confirmation letter from the carnet holder stating the designated use (FWC 2018) and length of stay may speed up process
  • It is advisable but not required to include HS codes up to 4 digit level.
  • Photos of the General List items are not necessary if serial numbers and descriptions are included
  • Russian translation may be requested at customs discretion. (Boomerang carnets® will advise obtaining a translation of the General List and provides that translation service at the time of application.)