ATA Carnet Bond Guidelines Simplified
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ATA Carnet Bond Guidelines Simplified

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Knowing the correct percentage (of the General List value) to apply to determine the Carnet Bond amount used to be simple. As long as you weren't shipping a vehicle to be driven on public roads, the percentage of the value for all other commodities and countries was 40%.

That simple formula has recently changed. Two carnet countries recently were assigned higher bond percentages due to actual or expected bond insufficiency. India and Brazil now require 55% and 60%, respectively. The U.S. national guaranteeing association, United States Council for International Business, is now requiring its Service Providers, including boomerang carnets, to set bond amounts for India and Brazil at these higher percentage rates. Here is the new table of bond rates:


Country or Commodity ATA Carnet Bond Rate Applied to General List Value Of Special Note

U.S. ATA Carnet Bond Percentages


All Countries
ex. India & Brazil
40% See Countries list for linked Advisories.
India 55% Does not accept Commercial Samples.
Brazil 60% Does not accept Commercial Samples.
Vehicles (Companies) 100% If driven on public roads.
Vehicles (Individuals) 150% If driven on public roads.

Fortunately for carnet applicants, there is no need to manually calculate the proper bond amount. When applying online the online application will determine the bond amount based on the countries selected and whether vehicles are on the General List. Should a carnet user decide later to travel to Brazil or India the bond can be increased without applying for a new carnet. Carnet Specialists are always eager to answer questions or explain the bond process in more detail: 800.ATA.2900.