7 Reasons a Carnet is Better
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7 Reasons a Carnet is Better

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We love lists so here's my list of the 7 Reasons a Carnet is Better than other Temporary Export-Import Methods. (To get the proof, click through to the detailed chart that compares temporary export methods.)

The 7 Reasons a Carnet is Better

  1. It's Easily Obtained.
  2. Provides duty- & tax-free entry into foreign countries AND duty free re-entry to the US.
  3. Entry documents are issued prior to departure.
  4. All fees, security deposits and premiums are fixed, known and paid prior to departure.
  5. Payment in US dollars for fees, premiums, duty, tax and deposits.
  6. Convenience and Security of Payment of Fees, Deposits, Duty or Tax by Credit Card.
  7. Unlimited use to more than one country for up to a period of one year.


Can We Prove It?

We say the carnet is better but you shouldn't take our word for it. You should make us prove it.

A few years ago I set out to do just that. I wrote a detailed comparison chart that analyzed and compared temporary import-export methods such as the ATA Carnet, Temporary Importation Under Bond, the CF4455, Foreign Consumption Entry - Duty Drawback and the Foreign Customs Broker's Entry Bond. I admit it is a lot of detail to wade through but it does make the point that, for most temporary exports*, a carnet is the best option. We just republished the chart as a web page titled "boomerang carnets┬« from the USA: A Comparison." Enjoy!

*I will be the first to admit that there are always exceptions and in temporary import-export that is also true. Not every temporary import-export situation needs or should use a carnet.