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ATA Carnet Online Application Security

We Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

As more and more organizations utilize the Internet for business purposes, the issue of data transmission security becomes critical.

Sure it is easier and faster to apply for an ATA carnet online but how can an applicant be sure that proprietary information is not susceptible to hacking, theft or public viewing?

For some organizations this is critical since a carnet application not only lists the valuable items that will be traveling but the dates of travel and destinations. Some might call this a “thief’s blueprint.” Knowing this, and having issued carnets for jewelers and other high risk organizations for 20 years, boomerang carnets® believes that the security of the online application is as important as any other aspect of customer service and it boasts the most secure carnet application transmission of any carnet Service Provider.

Boomerang carnets® designed and developed the boomerang carnets® online application with secure transmission as a top priority. All the data from over 15,000 carnet applications has arrived at boomerang carnets® without a single breach of security.

For a comprehensive Security Audit Checklist for your business see Computer Security Audit Checklist. And be sure your carnet General List data is protected during transmission.

* Encryption—A procedure in which plain data (e.g. a password, an e-mail message) is converted into a series of nonsensical characters using a mathematical formula. If the encryption process is secure, the data should then only be able to retrieved from its converted format by someone who has a key or passphrase to decrypt the information. Encryption is possible at different strengths, where the strength refers to the quality of the mathematical algorithm and the likelihood of its being "cracked".