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Rules for Live Horses on Carnets

In accordance with foreign customs administrations' requests for better standards in identification and valuation of horses listed on carnets, the U.S. national guaranteeing association has issued the following rules:

  • General Lists are to be constructed with each horse described as -
    Live horse: "---Name---", Color, Gender, and U.S. or FEI horse passport number.
  • Value: all horses must have a minimum value of US$10,000.

As an appointee of the U.S. national guaranteeing association, boomerang carnets® has implemented these rules and will be advising carnet applicants accordingly.

For additional information on live horses or other livestock on carnets contact a Carnet Specialist at the boomerang carnets┬« Carnet Helpline┬« (800) ATA-2900 / (800)282-2900.