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What Merchandise Is Covered by an ATA Carnet?

Virtually all goods, personal and professional, including commercial samples and professional equipment, and goods intended for use at tradeshows and exhibitions. Whether you are a tour manager for the music industry, an international sales manager, a chief financial officer of a Fortune 1000 company, a photographer or a small business owner traveling with temporary exports, an ATA Carnet can make the journey easier and help control costs.

Ordinary goods such as computers, tools, cameras and video equipment, industrial machinery, musical instruments, automobiles, gems and jewelry, and wearing apparel are all acceptable merchandise.

Extraordinary items, for example, Van Gogh’s Self-portrait, Ringling Brothers Tigers, Cessna Jets, Paul McCartney’s Band, World Cup-class yachts, satellites, and the New York Philharmonic are also acceptable. Even DYI electronics a.k.a homegrown mechatronic gizmos can be listed on a carnet no matter how custom the device or whether it is a one-off.

Carnets do not cover: consumable goods (food and agricultural products), disposable items, or postal traffic.