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Sports Gear Carnet Clears Customs for USA Bobsled & Skeleton Team at World Cup

Monday, January 18, 2021

After sitting out the first half of the season due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Team commenced competing on the World Cup circuit January 8th in Winterberg, Germany.  On social media, the team posted a perfectly apt, “We are BACK!” expressing their sheer excitement to be on the tracks again.  It IS exciting!  Boomerang carnets® has sponsored the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Team since 2012 and have been serving them as customers for 15+ years issuing their ATA Carnets including the victorious 2010 season when they won the World Cup Gold Medal in Whistler, British Columbia.  The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for temporarily exported merchandise, gear, or equipment allowing cross border movement of goods import-duty and -tax free into and out of 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year.  Many businesses use carnets to expand into international markets gaining exposure to new customers and increasing sales.   

The USA Bobsled & Skeleton Team use ATA Carnets to clear their equipment and gear across international borders when training and competing as carnets provide savings and peace of mind needed to stay focused on the many tasks of competition.  Curt E.H. Wilson, President & CEO of boomerang carnets® said: “Their bobsleds are shipped in uniquely shaped customized crating along with gear required for the sport.  These are high pressure competitions for all involved and the last thing they need is a snag at Customs or financial concerns.  ATA Carnets help to alleviate those concerns.  For the World Cup Championships in Canada, they used 15 ATA Carnets for their sleds and gear valued at $500,000.  The Team cleared Canadian Customs with no trouble on route to Whistler, British Columbia and because they used an ATA Carnet, they avoided paying $25,000 for that trip alone.”

Heats are measured in seconds and fractions of seconds and winning placement is often determined by a hundredth of a second.  Bobsled and skate-sleds will often reach speeds in the range of 80+ mph.  Imagine an athlete lying face down on a single flat sled or jumping into a bobsled, lying flat, and speeding down an icy, winding track at 80 mph.  The USA Team’s performance was exciting, and boomerang congratulates them on getting back on the competition tracks.  According to, Austin Florian, who placed 15th in the men’s skeleton competition (a career-best) said, “It feels good again to be racing internationally.  I’m having fun and it’s nice being back on tour.  We are working things out, testing a bunch, and trying to make things faster for later this season and next.”

      Kiel Ursin

Kiel Ursin, boomerang carnets® Customer Service and Sales Rep, whose extensive experience has included issuing carnets for the team in the past as well as this year said: “We issued five carnets for their 2021 season.  It’s fulfilling from my end.  They have always been an absolute pleasure to work with and it has been exciting following their seasons and rooting them on.  I admire their courage in this awesome sport.  GO TEAM USA!”

No matter what sports equipment you use, ATA Carnets provide savings and ease clearing it through customs when traveling to international competitions. Whether you are a competitive racecar driver, equestrian, sailor, golfer, dog sled musher, footballer, soccer player, pole vaulter, skier, or member of a bobsled team, you can travel to compete or play with cost savings, ease, and peace of mind when you use ATA Carnets for equipment, gear, or live animals.  The ATA Carnet, also known as “The Merchandise Passport” and “Passport for Goods”, enables your sports equipment and paraphernalia, known as boomerang freight®, to move into and out of other countries for up to a year while avoiding payment of import-duty or -tax.  For more information on ATA Carnets and how they can benefit your sport and business call the Carnet Helpline® 1-800-ATA-2900 / 1-800-282-2900.

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