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Leading Through Crisis Part 2: Time to Brainstorm

Monday, June 15, 2020

Boomerang carnets® recognizes the tidal wave of challenges many businesses are facing at this moment. We want to help you navigate through this mess by identifying where you can reduce costs, implement new strategies and grow. We will use our tools to help reverse potential long-term loss or damage your business may have suffered from this current world crisis.


You can rebound your business by aggressively constructing a plan now. Doing so will revive you as well. Start by researching what other companies are doing. Construct goals to begin building the business you see for your future. Find out which businesses are opening and see what ideas they offer. Do not focus on the industries that have not opened, focus on the industries that have. Keep digging. It is important that you participate in things like webinars. They will provide examples, models, and ideas on ways to grow right now. Those tips, ideas, examples with help you build your plan.


Brainstorming is a forward-motion action. It is about asking questions and listening to the answers. Talk to other companies and get the information you need. Who knows, they may become future partners. Take the first step. Talk to people. Once you have brainstormed with other companies you will have some ideas for your own business.

If your industry is doing nothing today, understand that the services you provide can be provided to another industry tomorrow. This is one way to survive and grow. Set goals and the specific steps needed to achieve them. Remember it is essential to step out of the norm.


Ask yourself: Is this what I want my business to look like today?

1. Clearly visualize what you want your business to look like. If you are tired of your business and the way it was, it is time to envision something new. That could be a new way of being in the world or a new business structure.

2. Identify what resources your business needs. Not only people and money but, what tools will you need? Is it paperwork? New processes? What people will you need to accomplish your goals?

3. Make a list of those needs, then get the resources to accomplish your goals. Have you considered the many benefits of ATA Carnets and how valuable a tool they are for growing exports and moving you forward?

Your goals are set. You have planned the steps. You are ready to act.

We value our customers and recognize your challenges. Allow us to put our business expertise to work for you to overcome some of those challenges. Start rebounding by viewing our webinar recordings, Leading Through Crisis Part 1 and Part 2. For the links email Monika Jadeszko