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Leading Through Crisis Part 2: Forward Thinking

Monday, June 8, 2020

Boomerang carnets® is ready to assist you in finding new solutions for your specific business needs. We will work with you to identify strategies to move forward. How do we move forward in our thinking, planning, and action? It is important to adapt to the changes coming in our world, and now is the time to move forward.

Where are you now? Why are you there? Where do you want to be?

Ask yourself these questions and be specific with your answers. Be specific with what you want. Be specific with what it is you want to accomplish. Set specific goals. Set specific timelines.


Take a break and start by getting in touch with what initially motivated you from the start. Why did you begin doing what you do in the first place? Take yourself back to the beginnings of your business, your love of music, film, photography, your reason to build things, your mission to heal, your love of industry. Think about how you started and what it was like to move forward at the very beginning and welcome the fact that moving forward now will be different. It is important to acknowledge your core motivations because it will lead you to surveying the best roadmap forward by helping you identify the necessities unique to your business.


Look around you. What are other industries doing now? Do some research. See the big picture and put yourself at the center. Get a clear picture of what you want your business to look like. Think about what resources you will need. Finding new ways to take your business to the next level is an ongoing process but now is the time to identify your specific needs so that you can begin to make plans, set goals, and move ahead.

We are here to help. View either webinar recording, Leading Through Crisis Part 1 or Part 2, by contacting Monika Jadeszko. We value our customers and recognize the challenges of the day. Boomerang carnets® is here to answer any of your questions and assist you with your business needs. ATA Carnets are a valuable tool to grow your business and keep things moving forward.