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Leading Through Crisis Part 2: Forward Moving

Monday, June 22, 2020


What is the shift?

In response to the pandemic we saw many of our customers make a shift towards immediate needs in the market that required changing the usual ways of conducting business. A major television cable network offered free access to programming for stay-at-home viewers, car manufacturers changed gears to produce ventilators for IC units, protective gear for front line and health care workers was accelerated by three of our medical products producers. Across the spectrum, companies in different sizes and markets made an immediate shift.

Make the shift. Shift your focus. Focus on the goal not the problem.

Imagine you are driving a car with a manual stick shift. If you maintain a certain speed and the road suddenly changes to an incline, you must shift gears to get up the hill. When you do, your car runs more smoothly, you get up the hill, and you can accelerate. In our businesses, we routinely maintain a certain speed and sometimes cannot hear the motor knocking for a shift in gears. If you can make this shift you can accelerate in your business.


Stop procrastinating, thinking, and planning. Jump in and act.

Procastination: why we do it can fill volumes. The reasons are many and varied. The value of acting brings you to another level and places you on a new path. In a time of action, stop thinking for the moment and be in forward motion, navigating a new path.


As you proceed now, if something is not working, it must go. Do not look back. Any success model will tell you that looking at the past will not serve your future. You must look to your future. None of us like what has happened, we have spent months stressing about our situations. It is crucial to accept where we are today and to move forward, we must let some things go.

One of our customers, Clean Rooms West, Inc. manufactures and creates "clean rooms" for science and technology. A semiconductor company would need their services, for example. Our cell phones are put together in "clean rooms". In this COVID 19 crisis, they answered a call to action and quickly adapted their expertise to medical use, and with the use of an ATA Carnet, were able to make a much-needed contribution to health safety worldwide. Practically speaking, the ATA Carnet enabled them to enter their goods and merchandise into foreign countries import-duty and -tax free, expand their markets, and increase profits. The ATA Carnet has many benefits in addition to cost savings.

We want to help you and have created a webinar series to share our knowledge and expertise in business and international trade. View either webinar recording, Leading Through Crisis Part 1 or Part 2, by contacting Monika Jadeszko. We value our customers and recognize the challenges of the day. Boomerang carnets® is here to answer any of your questions and assist you with your business needs. ATA Carnets are a valuable tool to grow your business and keep things moving forward.