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International Orchestra Tours: Plan Now

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

"I think music is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we're all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." - Billy Joel

More than ever, despite great challenges orchestras are facing, orchestras must tour. They must continue to bring music to the world so that no matter where we are, no matter which culture, no matter what separates us, MUSIC will bring us together.

The founder of boomerang carnets® loved classical music and years ago wanted the industry to benefit from ATA Carnets when touring internationally. His love and appreciation for the art and his understanding of and expertise in the ATA Carnet system of countries combined to create a way for orchestras to save money, time and hassle doing what you do so well, exporting one of America's greatest art forms for the world to enjoy and benefit from.

Tours are critical to your orchestra's profitability, not only from ticket sales abroad, but also, the prestige an international tour brings you at home.

Some benefits of touring are:

  1. It develops strong artistic relationships
  2. Solidifies the relationship between an incoming maestro and the orchestra
  3. It has a great impact on the orchestra as an organization, on the orchestra as individual players, on the conductor, on the audiences, and on the presenters
  4. Tours can build your orchestra's reputation
  5. Tours can extend your identity, and strengthen it, you can gain international recognition and renown
  6. Touring offers the opportunity to play great music in some of the most important music capitals of the world
  7. It has an even greater positive effect on all the players, as a unit and individually


Your musicians are away from home and distractions. They have time to concentrate solely on their performances, playing up to their highest levels before attentive audiences on the edge of their seats in hallowed music halls. Touring adds an extra element to performance - there is magic in the air being out of town, playing to full houses, the energizing moments are all part of the success. Touring provides an opportunity to play in a variety of venues, it is great for an orchestra to hear itself play in a different environment - the experience gives added perspective on how the orchestra and individual musicians sound. Your orchestra sounds fabulous, the crowd reacts and, it can be magical.


Your music, your art, must continue to be shared with the world.

The human spirit has risen to the occasion and is figuring out how to LEARN through this pandemic and safely return to normalcy over time. We can assist in preparing for the inevitable rebound of your touring schedules and strongly believe continuing to tour internationally is critical to your profitability, despite the challenges. If you are interested in a consultation on how to approach a tour for your orchestra, please contact Monika Jadeszko who will be happy to offer expert advice on how to begin planning.